Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Comrades, pour the wine tonight,
            For the parting is with dawn.
Oh, the clink of cups together,
            With the daylight coming on!

            Greet the morn with a double horn,
 When strong men drink together!
Comrades, gird your swords tonight,
            For the battle is with dawn.

Oh, the clash of shields together,
            With the triumph coming on!
            Greet the foe and lay him low,
When strong men fight together.

Comrades, watch the tides tonight, 
For the sailing is with dawn.
Oh, to face the spray together,
            With the tempest coming on!
Greet the Sea
With a shout of glee,
When strong men roam together.

Comrades, give a cheer tonight,
            For the dying is with dawn.
Oh, to meet the stars together,
            With the silence coming on!

            Greet the end
            As a friend a friend,

When strong men die together.

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