Sunday, June 29, 2014

Interiors, boys vs girls rooms

A Little Girl's Room

High heels for "pretending"; a pile of red leaves;
 A doll slightly rumpled and mussed;
A stack of used sketch books; a dress with puffed sleeves;
Some notes and some scraps where she's fussed
 At sewing a doll dress; her birthday perfume;
 A shelf of old stories-a little girl's room

 A Little Boy's Room

 A gun and a rope and a square of thick wool
 To sew into holsters; a bat;
His torn "Treasure Island"; a dresser too full;
A pen and a sheepskin-lined hat;
 Some plans for a "clubhouse"; a handful of seed;
 A smuggled-in-puppy-what more does he need?

 -llevah S~tner89U2

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