Sunday, June 29, 2014

the 26

a-s-d-f-g-h-j -k-l
 Here they sit, so still, serene,
On my little type-machine.
What they think of who can say,
 As they wait here, day by day? 
But what service have they seen
 Letters on my type machine!

 See! they're really just a few;
Ah, but think what they can do!
 Think of all the magic hid
If my fingers do not skid.
Think of all the clever tricks
Done with just these twenty-six!

 Shakespeare had no more than these,
 Nor did Milton, if you please.
 Sonnets, ballads, books, may troup
From this silent little group.
 Aye, the Bible-think of it
In these twenty-six is writ.

 Just to think what they can do
Comedies and dramas too.
Ah, but 'tis a magic power
I'm endowed with in this hour.
 Guide, ye gods, my hand and sight!
 May I strike the keys aright!

-Miriam Teichner

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