Saturday, September 6, 2014

doing good business

One of the best stories that occurs to me offhand, relates to a Jew who kept a sort of combination pawnshop and second-hand clothing store. One day he went out and left the place in charge of his son. When he came back he said:
"Vell, Isaac, how vas business ven I vas oud ?"
"Business vas goot, fader," the son said; "ferry goot."
" Vat did you sell?"
"Nothings; but dot man wat buy de diamon' ring yesterday come back an' pawned it."
“Und did you sell him someting else?"
"No, fader; 'e look as if 'e vas too much discouraged to buy anyting."
"Un you call dot doing goot bizness? If he look disgouraged, vy not you sell him a revolver?"


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