Sunday, July 20, 2014

A wet sheet and a flowing sea,

A wet sheet and a flowing sea,
 A wind that follows fast
And fills the white and rustling sail
 And bends the gallant mast;
And bends the gallant mast, my boys,
 While like the eagle free
Away the good ship flies, and leaves
 Old England on the lee.
 0 for a soft and gentle wind!
 I heard a fair one cry;
But give to me the snoring breeze
 And white waves heaving high;
And white waves heaving high, my lads,
 The good ship tight and free
The world of waters is our home,
 And merry men are we.
There's tempest in yon horned moon,
 And lightning in yon cloud;
But hark the music, mariners!
 The wind is piping loud;
The wind is piping loud, my boys,
 The lightning flashes free
 While the hollow oak our palace is,
 Our heritage of the sea.

Allan Cunningham

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