Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Little Lost Child

A passing policeman found a little child,
She walked beside him, dried her tears and smiled.
 Said he to her kindly, "Now you must not cry,
 I will find your mama for you by and by."
 At the station when he asked her for her name,
 And she answered "Jennie," it made him exclaim,
 "At last of your mother I have now a trace;
Your little features bring back her sweet face."

Chorus: "Do not fear, my little darling,
And I will take you right home.
Come and sit down close beside me,
No more from me you shall roam.
For you were a babe in arms,
When your mother left me one day
, Left me at home deserted, alone, and took,
 And took you, my child, away."

" 'Twas all through a quarrel madly jealous she,
 Vowed then to leave me, woman-like you see.
 Oh, how I loved her, grief near drove me wild."
 "Papa, you are crying," lisped the little child.
 Suddenly the door of the station opened wide.
 "Have you seen my darling?" an anxious mother cried.
 Husband and wife then meeting face to face,
All is soon forgiven in one fond embrace.

Edward B. Marks

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