Saturday, July 19, 2014

Just Folks

We're queer folks here.
We'll talk about the weather,
The good times we've had together,
 The good times near,
The roses buddin', an' the bees
 Once more upon their nectar sprees;
 The scarlet fever scare, an' who
 Came mighty near not pullin' through,
 An' who had light attacks, an' all
The things that int'rest, big or small;
 But here you'll never hear of sinnin'
Or any scandal that's beginnin'.
We've got too many other labors
To scatter tales that harm our neighbors.

 We're strange folks here.
 We're tryin' to be cheerful,
An' keep this home from gettin' tearful.
 We hold it dear;
Too dear for pettiness an' meanness,
An' nasty tales of men's uncleanness.
 Here you shall come to joyous smilin',
 Secure from hate and harsh revilin';
Here, where the wood fire brightly blazes,
 You'll hear from us our neighbor's praises.
 Here, that they'll never grow to doubt us,
 We keep our friends always about us;
 An' here, though storms outside may pelter
 Is refuge for our friends, an' shelter.

 We've one rule here, An' that is to be pleasant.
 The folks we know are always present,
Or very near. An' though they dwell in many places,
 We think we're talkin' to their faces;
 An' that keeps us from only seein'
The faults in any human bein',
An' checks our tongues when they'd go trail in'
 Into the mire of mortal failin'.
Flaws aren't so big when folks are near you;
 You don't talk mean when they can hear 'you.
 An' so no scandal here is started,
Because from friends we're never parted.

Edgar A. Guest

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