Friday, July 4, 2014

A Sailor Uncle

 I had a sailor uncle once
 Who loved the briny breeze,
And, though at school almost a dunce,
 He flourished on the c-c-c.

He joined the loyal navy, when
 The squadron took a prize,
And fighting in the Terrapin,
 A fuse put out his i-i-i.

But surgeon's skill and doctor's stuff
 Worked wonders for his views;
And now his sight is good enough
 For any man to u-u-u.

Ungrateful nations soon forget
 Their friends as well as foes,
But he's in hopes the world may yet
 Grant the reward it 0-0-0.

And now retired, secure from harm,
 He keeps his hive of b-b-b.
And happy on his little farm,
 Contented takes his e-e-e.


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