Monday, July 7, 2014

Doing dishes

Little daughter, doing dishes,
Think of water
 It is so gleaming clear, so green,
 Child, remember it has seen
 Meadows, and has run between
Ferns and roots of trees;
 It has ministered to these.
Sing, dear, at your work,
Be proud!
The old dishpan holds a cloud,
Holds a snowbank from a mountain!
 Turn a faucet,
 You've a fountain!
 You have rivers, you have oceans
 Come to serve your whims, your notions
. And your fingers, dear, are fishes,
See them dart among the dishes!
 There are flowers in the suds
 Forget-me-nots, crabapple buds.
What more could a maiden ask
 Of a task.
Little daughter, doing dishes,
Think of water!


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