Sunday, July 13, 2014

the mother of an angel speaks

I think I'll go to Heaven when I die,
 Just for a little while;
I may not remain long, but just enough 
To see my God's kind smile.
I'll seat myself outside the Golden Gate 
Upon the star-wet grass,
And I shall watch for Mary day and night
 Until I see her pass. .
 And when I do, I'll call her softly, so:
 "Mother !" (One word will do.)
And when she turns, I'll say in a low tone:
 "Please, may I speak to you,
I have not called Saint Peter, being a man, 
He might not understand.
But you, being a mother, will not scorn
 To take me by the hand.
 Please, lead me into Heaven for a while
 One small gold hour, just one;
That I may see my Angel baby safe
 Near to your Son. . .


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