Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Give Me The Perfumed Lilacs

Give me the perfumed lilacs, after rain;
Calm sunsets, merging clouds and hills and sea
Into one breath of bright-hued ecstasy;
The west wind blowing through the waving grain;
And wild strawberries, leaving their red stain
On lips as sweet and tempting. One tall tree
Reaching for starlight; and the graceful free
Fall of a snowflake. Frost upon the pane,
Making fantastic pictures, cold and white.
And give me-in the wind-blown autumn-time
New England hills and valleys, all alight
With scarlet bronze and amber; clouds that climb
Into the hazy blue of peaceful skies,
And love's acknowledgment within your eyes!



  1. Hello! I know I am commenting years after this post, but if you read it, I wonder if you can tell me where you found this poem? Ethel Bradley Meyer is my great grandmother. I have been seeking out her poetry. Thank you!

    1. I'm sorry I don't check this blog more often for comments... but wow, I can. I'm very happy to tell you where you can find this poem! It's in a Tony Won's book. It's possibly in one of a dozen of them... and if you're really going to get the actual book it's in, and reply to me, I'll take the time to find the right book, and tell you which one, and what page. I have them all. He started in 1929 or so, and made one book a year until 1944 or so.
      He even made a couple books that put a couple years together.
      Wow, I'm thrilled to hear from you.
      Email me direct at for a reply within a day, because I simply don't check this blog but once a year, and won't, not until I get back to adding content to it. Or text me at 619 985 0783