Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good Neighbor

She will bake a custard for an ailing neighbor,
Apple-pies for husbands whose wives are out of town!
She has no style or beauty, but everybody sees her
As a ministering angel in a printed cotton gown!

She makes the lightest sponge cakes,
wins prizes with her pickles;
Her cookie-crock is always full,
she knows what children are.

For crisp molasses cookies,
and sugar-dusted doughnuts;
She keeps her saucepans shining
and her kitchen-door ajar!

Her husband died some 11 years ago,
but she is never lonely,
For neighbors drop in all day long
because they like the talk

Of this cheerful saint in gingham,
whose words of loving wisdom
Have made a pilgrim's pathway
out of her flagstone-walk!


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