Sunday, August 31, 2014


The soft red velvet of a Valentine
Made me think of her lips;
So soft, so sweet for someone
I thrill just to kiss her fingertips.
The rose she gave me that night,
I keep tho' it's all faded and brown;
I try to remember sweet things to say,
Yet I know I act like a clown.

Maybe if I were real sick
She would feel real sorry and nurse me too;
If I had been a knight in days of old;
Gee, the things I would do.
I would rescue her from dragons,
And she would fall in my arms and faint;
I know a Iota beautiful things to say,
But when she looks at me, I just can't.

I wish she could read my mind
And know what I think about her hair;
And her eyes so blue and sweet
Gee, I wish she could care.
I think I'll join the navy.
Maybe she would like me all in white;
I wish there would be a fire an' I'd rescue her.
And she would hold to me so tight.

Mom is cleaning house today,
And she has cleaned out my room;
On the floor was a red velvet Valentine,
And a faded rose flew in front of her broom.
A lock of golden hair was in the trash
I'll hide my broken heart if I can;
I just couldn't pick them up
Mom wouldn't understand.


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