Monday, August 25, 2014

THE ELEVEN AGES OF MAN Expressed in Menu Style

1. Milk.
2. Milk and bread.
3. Milk, eggs, bread and spinach.
4. Oat meal, bread and butter, green apples, all-day suckers.
5. Ice cream sodas and hot dogs.
6. Minute steak, fried potatoes, coffee and apple pie.
7. Bouillon, roast duck, scalloped potatoes, creamed broc¬coli, fruit salad, divinity fudge and demi-tasse.
8. Pate-de-fois-gras, Wiener Schnitzel, potato Parisienne, egg plant a La Opera, demi-tasse, Roquefort cheese.
9. Two soft boiled eggs, toast and milk.
10. Crackers and milk.
11. Milk.

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