Sunday, August 31, 2014


We waited for the sunset, but there was no sun,
We sang again the old songs, and the new, save one.
We clasped our hands together in our separate laps
And stared in moody silence at the mad white caps.

We lighted cigarettes and talked of trivial things,
You squinted up your eyes and blew your perfect rings,
I reached for one and put my left, third finger through
We laughed about the silly things we used to do.

The fog unrolled her blanket, billowy and white,
And folded it about us, shutting out the night.
You started up the motor, said we'd better go,
And we could barely see beyond the headlights' glow.

You gave your whole attention to the steering wheel,
 I knew again how safe you always made me feel
 For you were wise, and never one to lose your head,
Or follow dictates of a foolish heart instead.


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