Sunday, July 13, 2014

Laughter after

I'll be back before you know it, dear
 O, even before you know I've gone
 And together we'll laugh in the dark, we two,
 At the way I've got my halo on!
And because you love to touch my gowns
 And always finger the silken things,
 I'll willingly bend to your eager hand,
 Loving your touch on my stylish wings.
Ah don't, my dearest! Show me your smile,
 And give me your word that you will try
 To mange a grin-a "really" grin
 At the funny, peculiar way I fly,
And laugh out loud if a bit of cloud
 Should catch on your dark and somber tie,
 And solemnly tell the laundress that
 It must be heavenly lipstick dye.
O, we shall have fun, my darling one, 
No sorrowing loss, no elegy;
Before you know it, the same dear you
 Will have a lovelier, brand-new me.


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