Monday, July 7, 2014

Little dog lost

Little lost dog, on the thoroughfare,
 Worried black nose and the wire-stiff hair
 Some child is missing you, some tot will care
Unhappy little lost dog!
Little lost dog, in the dusk and the rain
Some youngster calling you, calls you in vain,
 Baby nose snubbed to the windowpane
 Draggeldy little lost dog!
Little lost dog, on the avenue,
Blinded by headlights-he's searching for you,
 Searching each face, all the wild dusk through
 Whimpery little lost dog!
 Little lost dog, on the wheel-mad street,
 Hungry small dog, but too frightened to eat,
 Little wet dog, with uncertain feet
Panicky little lost dog! ...
Little limp dog, not so much for size!
 Little limp dog, with the death dim eyes
 Some tot is missing you, some baby cries. . .
 Waiting his little lost dog!


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