Monday, July 7, 2014

Ode to a Jersey cow

Fragrant cow, on me take pity. . .
 (I am from the big, big city
 Where there dwelleth naught like thou, Fragrant cow!)
 I have bet a crisp new dollar
 I could milk you. . . . . Now, don't holler
 Just be brave and patient, mate! Cooperate!
 As I squeeze your spiggots, honey,
 Turn your milk on good and runny
(Or they'll joke me, long as I live !)¬Sweet cow, GIVE!
Please restrain your tail from wrapping
 Round my neck while it is slapping. . .
 Take your foot from out the pail,
Blonde female!
 Noble critter, don't look baleful!
I must get a foaming pailful!
 Squirt, cow, squirt! (I'm all a-jitter, Noble critter!)
Cow, you're just a four-foot fizzle
With your puny lactic drizzle!
I get sweat from off my brow
 Faster than the milk from thou, Cow!


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