Friday, August 15, 2014

Beside the Fire

In this quaint room, beside the fire,
Tonight I find my heart's desire.
It would be lonely in the room
Without a fire to light the gloom;
But in the embers I can trace
Each dear and well-remembered face
Old friends I loved when life was new,
Come into view.

The fire and I are all alone;
This moment is our very own.
Upstairs the children are asleep.
The fire and I a vigil keep.
The clock upon the mantel ticks;
No other sound but burning sticks.
And friends long dead come back to me,
From memory.

Thus will I sit when I am old,
Secure against the wind and cold.
Thus will I sit and rock and dream,
And watch the firelight reach and gleam
And in this room, just as to-night,
Old friends will make my dreaming bright,
Coming again to touch and bless
My loneliness.

Anne Campbell

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