Thursday, August 7, 2014

Exhausting a Thesaurus

Exhausting a thesaurus, a long suffering soul who dwelt near a railroad, wrote to the company as follows:

Why is it that your switch engine has to ding and dong, and fizz and spit and clang and. bang and buzz and hiss and bell and wail and pant and rant and howl and yowl and grate and grind and puff and bump and click and clank and chug and moan and hoot and toot and crash and grunt and grasp and groan and whistle and wheeze and squeak and blow and jar and jerk and rasp and jingle and twang and clang and rumble and jangle and ring and clatter and yelp and howl and hum and snort and puff and growl and thump and boom and clash and jolt and jostle and shake and screech and snarl and slam and throb and crink and quiver and rumble and roar and rattle and yell and smoke and smell and shriek like - well - all night long?

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