Saturday, August 16, 2014

Husband and Wife advice


1. Thou shalt not think that thyself are "It."
2. Thou shalt not praise thy neighbor's wife; praise thine own.
3. Thou shalt not share the love of thy wife with the booze shop. She deserveth it all.
4. Thou shalt not be stingy with thy wife.
5. 'Thou shalt not keep any secrets from thy wife. Secrets breed suspicion and wreck confidence.
6. Thou shalt not refuse to talk with thy wife after the day's work is done.
7. Thou shalt not fail to provide life insurance for thy family.
8. Thou shalt not scold thy wife when the meat burns. Blow up a powder mill instead.
9. Thou shalt not fail to kiss thy wife good-by,every morning.
10. Thou shalt not forget through all the years of thy life that thy wife, whom God hath given thee as thy companion, is thy superior.


1. Thou shalt not be a spendthrift. Do not squander thy husband's money.
2. Thou shalt not talk shop when thy husband returns at night.
3. Thou shalt not fail to have his meals on time.
4. Thou shalt not quiz thy wedded husband. Be adroit and he will ten thee all.
5. Thou shalt not nag thy wedded husband. Hit him with an ax. It is more kind.
6. Thou shalt not fail to dress up for thy husband as thou didst before marriage.
7. Thou shalt not try to fight thy husband. Crying will fetch him sooner.
8. Thou shalt not expect thy husband to apologize even when he is wrong. Let it pass.
9. Thou shalt not hesitate to assure thy husband that he is the greatest man alive.
10. Thou shalt not remind thy husband what a big sacrifice thou didst make to marry him.

-Rev. Frank E. Rideout

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