Saturday, August 16, 2014

In Our Garage

A boiler and a kettle lid,
Some plates that Maggie broke and hid;
A chopping-block, a knuckle bone,
A phonograph that doesn't phone;
Some lingerie that lingered long,
A mattress with the mat all gone;
A bustle out of grandma's trunk,
A rat-trap and some other junk;
A demijohn of faint bouquet,
(Sweet hundred-proof of yesterday);
The sticks and tail of Johnnie's kite,
A table lamp I dropped one night;
Tomato cans of Auld Lang Syne,
A hundred feet of washing line;
One pair of pants (demobilized),
One garden hose (de rubberized);
Gas fittings from a former age,
One rocker, one canary cage;
A niblick and a baseball bat,
A bedstead and a broken slat;
The box in which the rabbit died,
The bike that mother used to ride;
Of many things a sundry crop
All but the car-that's in the shop.

-Richard M. Bennett

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