Sunday, August 3, 2014

Take Back Your Gold

I saw a youth and maiden on a lonely city street,
And thought them lovers at their meeting place;
Until, as I drew near, I heard the girl's sad voice entreat
 The one who heeded not her tear-stained face.
"I only ask you, Jack, to do your duty, that is all,
 You know you promised that we should be wed."
And when he said, "You shall not want, whatever may befall,"
She spurned the gold he offered her and said

"Take back your gold, for gold can never buy me;
 Take back your bribe and promise you'll be true;
 Give me the love, the love that you'd deny me;
Make me your wife, that's all 1 ask of you."

 He drew her close unto him and to soothe her then he tried,
 But she in pride and sorrow turned away,
And as he sought to comfort her, she wept and softly sighed,
"You'll rue your cruel actions, Jack, some day."
 "Now, little one, don't cry," he said, "for though tonight we part,
 And though another soon will be my bride,
 This gold will help you to forget"; but with a breaking heart,

She scorned his gift and bitterly replied:

Louis W. Paitzakow

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