Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Statesman

The statesman throws his shoulders back and straightens out his tie,
And says, "My friends, unless it rains the weather will be dry."
And when this thought into our brains has percolated through,
We common people nod our heads and loudly cry, "How true!"
The statesman blows his massive nose and clears his august throat,
And says, "The ship will never sink so long as it's afloat."
Whereat we roll our solemn eyes, applaud with main and might,
And slap each other on the back, the while we say, "He's right!"
The statesman waxes stern and warm, his drone becomes a roar,
He yells, "I say to you, my friends, that two and two make four!"
And thereupon our doubts dissolve, our fears are put to rout,
And we agree that here's a man who knows what he's about.

Walt Mason

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