Monday, May 20, 2013


J. J. Crittenden, Kentucky's most eminent lawyer sixty years ago, it was said, never lost a case he pleaded before a jury.
In defense of a poor person of feeble mind he used the following allegory:
"When God conceived the plan of creating man he called the three angels that waited on His throne, Justice, Truth and Mercy, and said, 'Shall we make man?'
"Justice said, 'Make him not, 0 God, he will trample upon thy laws.'
 Truth also answered, 'Make him not, 0 God, he will pollute your sanctuaries.'         
Mercy, kneeling and looking up through her tears, said, 'Make him, 0 God, and I will watch over him in the dark hours of his life.'    
     "So God made man and said, '0 Man, thou art the child of Mercy; go out and live with thy brother.'''
                              Portland, (Me.) Transcript, 18~I. ­

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