Monday, May 20, 2013


Oft, when I feel my engine swerve,
    As o'er strange rails we fare,
I strain my eye around the curve
    For what awaits us there.
When swift and free she carries me
    Through yards unknown at night,
I look along the line to see
    That all the lamps are white.
The blue light marks th~ crippled car,
    The green light signals show;
The red light is a danger light;
    The white light, "Let her go."
Again the open fields we roam,
    And, when the night is fair,
I look up in the starry dome
    And wonder what's up there.
For who can speak for those who dwell
    Behind the curving s).<y?
No man has ever lived to tell
    Just what it means to die.
Swift toward life's terminal I trend,
    The run seems short tonight;
God only knows what's at the end­
    I hope the lamps are white.
Cy Warman.

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