Monday, May 20, 2013


'Twas whispered one morning in heaven.
    How the little white angel, May,
Sat ever beside the portal
    Sorrowing all the day.
How she said to the stately warden­
    He of the golden bar­
"0 angel, sweet angel, I pray you,
    Let the beautiful gates ajar!
Only a little, I pray you,
    Let the beautiful gates ajar."
"I can hear my dear mother there, weeping;
    She is lonely; she cannot see
A glimmer of light in the darkness
    Since the gates closed after me.
One gleam of the golden splendor.
    0 warden. would shine so far."
But the angel whispered, "I dare not
    Let the beautiful gates ajar."
Spoke low as he answered, "I- dare not
    Let the beautiful gates ajar."
Then up rose Mary, the blessed,
    Sweet Mary, the mother of Christ,
Her hand on the hand of the angel
    She laid, and her touch sufficed.
Then turned was the key in the portal,
    Fell ringing the golden bar;.
And 10! in the little child's fingers
    Stood the beautiful gates, ajar!
Yes, 10! in the child's angel fingers,
    Stood the heavenly gates ajar.
"And this key for no further using,
    To my blessed Son shall be given,"
Said Mary, the mother of Jesus,
  Tenderest heart in heaven.
Now never a sad-eyed mother
    But may catch the glory afar,
Since safe in the Lord Christ's bosom
    Are the keys of the gates ajar.
Safe hid in the dear Christ's bosom
    And the gates fo:r;ever ajar.
                                                   Helen L. Boshvic

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