Saturday, August 9, 2014

a Trumpet

A youth possessed a trumpet, and it was simply grand
He planned to be a trumpeter performing in a band.
And so upon this instrument he practiced every day
Which often made his neighbors wish that he would move away.

He practiced long, he practiced late, he played "Do so mi fa!"
And "Tumty-tum I" and "Toot-tee-toot!" and tikewisd "Ta-ra-ra."
And sometimes it seemed more than all the neighbors well could bear,
But if he guessed their sentiments, he simply didn't care!

One day he struck a heavy note, and then this earnest lad
He blew into that instrument with all the breath he had!
And so much energy he put into this piercing note,
He blew-believe these words or not ! a tonsil from his throat.

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