Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Quandry

You seem to think it strange, that I should be
So undecided, when you ask me
If I love you! . . . but, when I tell you all . . .
Then you shall say, if I have heard love's call.

I always thought that Love was like a blaze
A flaming torch  . . . whose blinding light would daze
You with its glare  . . . but. . . strange as it may be
This devastating flame's unknown to me.

Since I met you. . . a peaceful sort of calm
Reigns in my heart. . . I feel its wondrous charm
All through the day. . . It brings a thrill serene. . .
Which makes the skies more blue. . . the grass more green.

I want to be with you! . . . I want to feel
The daily joys you feel! . . . I'd like to steal
Beneath your skin!... To breathe the breath you breathe
To be a part of you. . . our thoughts to wreathe.

I'd like to comfort you as mothers do
Their tiny babes! . . . To run my fingers through
Your tousled hair! . . To soothe your frowns away,
If things went wrong for you throughout the day.

If I could be your guiding star through life,
I'd lead you o'er the paths where care and strife
Are quite unknown! . . . for when we are apart
A wistful longing seems to fill my heart.

And now I've bared my soul to you. . . you know
The secret thoughts which in my heart I stow
So, let me whisper softly in your ear,
If this be love . . . then I adore you, dear.

-Coralie Alice McEZraty

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