Saturday, August 9, 2014

creating women

Tzashtri, the god Vulcan of the Hindu mythology, created the world, but on his commencing to create woman he discovered that for man he had exhausted all his creative materials, and that not one solid element had been left.
 This, of course, greatly perplexed Tzashtri, and caused, him to fall into profound meditation. When he arose from his meditation he proceeded like this:
 He took The roundness of the moon;
The undulating curve of the serpent;
The graceful twist of the creeping plant;
The light shivering of the grass-blade and the slenderness of the willow;
The velvet of the flowers;
The lightness of the feather;
The frolicsomeness of the dancing sunbeam;
The tears of the cloud;
The inconsistency of the wind;
The timidity of the hare;
The vanity of the peacock;
The hardness of the diamond;
The cruelty of the tiger;
The chill of the snow;
The cackling of the parrot;
The cooing of the turtle-dove;
All these he mixed together and formed a woman.

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