Saturday, August 9, 2014

For A First Night in Heaven

You see, dear Lord, Miss Sally never married,
And though she rocked many a babe to sleep,
They were merely loaned, they were not hers
To look upon with mother pride and keep.

She nursed new babies fully fifty years
She loved them when they smiled and when they cried.
I know tonight she'll miss her little ones,
For just one hour ago Miss Sally died.

She was my friend, and sensing how she feels,
I thought I'd write a note to tell you this;
So if you see her weeping you will know
She wants a little one to soothe and kiss.

On her first night in Heaven, please, dear Lord,
Give her a tiny one to rock to sleep
She'd rather have it than a golden harp.
She'll understand it's not her own to keep.

-Rosa Zagnoni Marinom

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