Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Some of the driest humor to be found anywhere appears in law records. The following return made by a deputy in a sheriff's office is an example:
Received the within process at Arizona City, Jan. 1873 and served same by arresting defendant at Ehrenberg A. T., Jan. 31, 1873, but as defendant had no money and I was broke myself and the county don't pay cash in advance, and no steamboat around and no calaboose here and de­fendant wouldn't walk down to Yuma all alone by himself and I wouldn't walk down with him as he wouldn't stay arrested unless I boarded him which I had no money for to do, and as he gave up the coat (value 45 cents currency­ estimated) and said he never stole it but Bryson was a damned liar anyhow, and not knowing what to do with him, I did nothing more to him to date beyond giving him excel­lent moral advice which he assured me was entirely unnec­essary in his case, his life having been blameless and his reputation spotless as he could prove by the best men in Nevada and Idaho but have allowed him to run at large until a more favorable season when a steamboat happens to be here, and will take script for his passage to Yuma and pre­sent the bill to Supervisors themselves, which is nearly all I have done toward serving within process, though I could make return of the balance were this process bigger on the back.
Fees.- Balance of what coat sells for after paying Jus­tice fees.
(signed) George Tyng,
Sheriff of Yuma County, ARIZONA.

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