Thursday, May 16, 2013


The king stood still till the last echo died;
 then, throwing off the sackcloth from his brow,
and laying back the pall from the still features of his child,
He bowed his head upon him, and broke forth
In the resistless eloquence of woe:­
"Alas! my noble boy! that thou shouldst die!
    Thou, who wert made so beautifully fair!
That death should settle in thy glorious eye,
    And leave his stillness in this clustering hair!
How could he mark thee for the silent tomb,
    My proud boy, Absalom!
"Cold is thy brow, my son! and I am chill,
    As to my bosom I have tried to press thee.
How was I wont to feel my pulses thrill,
    Like a rich harp-string, yearning to caress thee,

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