Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"I should like to die," said Willie, "if my papa could die, too;
 But he says he isn't ready- 'cause he's got so much to do;
 But my little sister Nellie says that I must surely die,
And she and mamma-then she stopped because it made me

"I remember that she told me once, while sitting on her knee,
That the angels never weary watching over her and me;
 And if r was only good- Nellie told me so before­-
That they let us into Heaven when they see us at the door.

"I shall know no more of sorrow, I shall know no more of sin-
­I shall see mamma and Nellie, for I know they'll let me in;
 But I'll have to tell the angel when I meet him at the door,
That he must excuse my papa, because he couldn't leave the store.

"I know I shall be happy, and shall always want to stay­-
 I should like to hear the singing-I should love the endless day;
I would like to look at Jesus- I'd love him more and more,
And I'd gather water-lilies for the angel at the door.

 Nellie says that it may be I shall soon be called away-­
If papa was only ready I should like to go today;
But if I go before him to that world of light and joy,
I guess he'll want to come to Heaven to see his little boy."

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