Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The maid who binds her warrior's sash
            With smile that well her pain dissembles,
The while beneath her drooping lash
            One starry teardrop hangs and trembles,
Though Heaven alone records the tear,
            And fame shall never know her story,
Her heart has shed a drop as dear
            As e'er bedewed the field of glory!

The wife who girds her husband's sword
            'Mid little ones who weep or wonder
And bravely speaks the cheering word,
            What though her heart be rent asunder.
Doomed nightly in her dreams to hear
            The bolts of death around him rattle,
Hath shed as sacred blood as e'er
Was poured upon the field of battle!

The mother who conceals her grief
            While to her breast her son she presses.
Then breathes a few brave words and brief,
            Kissing the patriot brow she blesses.
With no one but her secret God
            To know the pain that weighs upon her,
Sheds holy blood as e'er the sod
            Received on freedom's field of honor!
            Thomas Buchanan Read.

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