Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Miss Daisy Leiter has brought back from London a story about Cluirles Darwin:
   "Two English boys," said Miss Leiter, "being friends of Darwin, thought one day that they would play a joke on him. They caught a butterfly, a grasshopper, a beetle and a centipede, and out of these creatures they made a strange, composite insect. They took the centipede's body, the butterfly's wings, the grasshopper's legs and the beetle's head, and they glued them together carefully. Then, with their new bug in a box, they knocked at Darwin's door.
    “’We caught this bug in a field,' they said. 'Can you tell us what kind of a bug it is, sir?”
"Darwin looked at the bug and then he looked at the boys.
He smiled slightly.
" ‘Did it hum when you caught it?”  he asked.
" ‘Yes.' they answered, nudging one another.
" ‘Then,' said Darwin. 'it is a humbug.’”
New York Tribune

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