Monday, May 20, 2013


Two Scots, Donald and Duncan, were carried out from shore in a sudden storm, and lost their way in the swirling waters. When the waves began to wash over their frail little boat, Duncan cried out: "Donald, you maun pray!"
"I cawn't pray." (Forcibly.)
They bent to the oars, but failed to turn the boat against the blinding waves, and Duncan commanded fiercely:
"Donald, you maun pray!"
"I cawn't pray!" (With awful emphasis.)
Then Duncan's voice rose above the storm.
"Dom it, you've got to!"
Then Donald got to his knees as well as he could in the rocking boat, and raised his voice to a shout.
"0 Lord, it ha' been fifteen year sence I ha' awsked anything at Thy hands! And, if thou wilt take this boat safe to shore, it will be fifteen more before I will pother thee again!"
Just then the boat touched the shore, and Duncan called out to him, "There, Donald, that will do! Don't
ye be beholden to nobody. The boat's already to the shore.
      William Black.

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