Thursday, May 16, 2013


A sailor who had been to a church service where he heard some fine music was afterward descanting upon an anthem which had given him great pleasure. A listening shipmate finally asked:
"I say, Bill, what's a hanthem?"
"What!" exclaimed Bill, "do you mean to say you don't know what a hanthem is?"
"Not me."
"Well, then, I'll tell yer. If I was to tell yer, "Ere, Bill, give me that 'andspike,' that wouldn't be a han­them. But if I was to say: 'Bill, Bill, Bill, give, give, give, give me, give me that, Bill, give me, give me that
'and, give me that 'andspike, spike, Bill, give me that, that 'and, 'andspike, 'and, 'andspike, spike, spike, spike, Ahmen, Ahmen, Bill, give me that 'andspike, spike, Ahmen,' why, that would be a hanthem."   

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