Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh, Jack and Jill went up the hill.
They had with them a pail to fill
With water from the bubbling rill
that from the top was flowing.
The way was steep and hard and rough,
 the little feet were far from tough,
But Jack was stout and bold enough
and set his heart on going.
au may remember how they fared,
that little couple sweetly paired;
What he would do she gladly dared.
No tale is this for laughter.
For Jack, the heedless, tumbled down
and cracked his little curly crown,
And Jill she tripped upon her gown
and went a­ tumbling after.
I do not think they ever tell
that Jill was grieved because they fell,                              .
And kissed the place to make it well
 and hurried off for plaster;
But never doubt the little maid
no end of sympathy displayed
And did her very best to aid
the victim of disaster.
I have a rocky hill to climb
and I may reach the top in time; .
My little Jill has faith sublime
and she has not denied me;
So what care I for broken crowns
or fortune's smiles or fortune's frowns,
If I can have my ups and downs
with little Jill beside me?

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