Thursday, May 16, 2013


Please come and spend a fortnight:
    I've ordered you a moon,
I've ordered you a cooling breeze
    To blow at burning noon.
I've ordered you a Milky Way,
    At sunset and a storm
To sorcer skies all soothing-grey
    If it should grow too warm.
I've ordered you a lace-edged surf,
    A phoebe and a thrush,
A magic ring of emerald turf,
    A holy evening hush.
I've ordered morning-glory vine
    To trumpet round the gate,
Nasturtium, phlox and columbine
    Upon your wish to wait.
I've ordered berries growing lush
    By every woodland trail.
I've ordered rambler-rose to blush,
    I've told a shy, brown quail
To call "Bob-White!" so clear and sweet
    Tha t you will dream, perchance,
'Tis Pan, who's stealing, sly and fleet,
    To join some elfin dance.
I'v~ ordered plush-embroidered bees
    To lull you with their hum. . .
So - answer promptly, if you please:
    When may I know you'll come?
                                     --Miriam Teichner

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