Thursday, May 16, 2013


Staunch, unbiased patriot,
Isms mesmerize him not,
Hides his heartaches like a man
­Those I inflict whenever I can­
Crusty, dissipated pipe,
Strong tobacco, over-ripe,
His favorite song, "I Love You Truly,"
Table manners quite unruly.
Trods the good earth, morn and night
To minimize the mortgage-blight,
Gallant, unrewarded hero,
Private bankroll, ceiling zero,
Suit reflects the march of time
Undisputed trademark
Of your Dad and mine.
Menu never varies
As the years roll by­
Roast beef with brown gravy,
Homemade apple pie.
An old capricious hammer,
An antiquated saw,
Thumb-print faded tin-type
­Keep-sake of his Maw­
Ten strong calloused fingers
Swinging at the bat,
A pair of compact elbows
To tip his dear old hat.
My Father, My Father!
Even in Paradise will be no bother!
Expects no return promised in Heaven.
Dear St. Peter:
Just set his eight-day alarm clock
For fifteen before seven.
-Alias Mrs. Gob

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